Welcome to MD Women's Coalition for Health Care Reform

Health is an investment, wellspring of energy, chance to meet worry-free future and provide your children with a decent and happy life. Women of Maryland do not differ from their sisters in other states, cities, and well-developed countries. They need the same benefits that can help painlessly access health care and receive the utmost services at a lower cost. But, the reality of today’s life seems frustrating, and the fact women are not fully covered or some with no health insurance at all does not let them be considered legitimate social units of our country. However, they work hard, take care of families, and raise children who then achieve mind-blowing careers. There should be such a basic human right as coverage allowing all women with no exception to get affordable, accessible, and high-qualitative care from diverse healthcare providers.

At, MD Women’s Coalition, we expect all prescription drugs to be covered, preventive medicine to be flexible so that pregnancy or some female natural predispositions to health conditions, as breast cancer won’t make us struggle. We need wellness procedures that can help us restart both mind and body to continue pursuing our dreams and assisting the goals of our beloved ones. And, we want it all both in urban and rural areas where we do not need to spend ages to travel to certain settings for care.

As of now, Maryland can boast its notorious statistic in the U.S., there are over 365,000 uninsured women who live next to you or are members of your family. Even if you have insurance, and are covered with benefits from your employer, we ask you to support our coalition to make our state a leader in the health care reform. Let’s break the inequality circle. The low standards of care should be in the past. Disability, low income, membership in the LGBT, race should not dictate which physician services us or what procedures we get to feel better.

The Women’s Coalition for Health Care Reform educates all members regardless of their sex, all women and men can join us. The coalition provides advocacy services, works on issues and debates to improve our health care system. Learn how to assert your rights, and what government programs can protect you and your children in terms of medicine.

We help figure out the insurance plans system. Regardless of your language, you should understand all benefits. We help assess your eligibility for Medicaid or other health plans fitting your needs and paying capacity. Our coalition assists one to get financial help. Finally, if you are a health care professional, we can give you a hand as well. Access the essential tips to service your patients better.

Let’s turn our health reform upside down together, you, your mother, sister or daughter matter!