Mexican and US Prescription Drugs – Major Differences in Meds Shopping

Meds Shopping

Savings, savings, and savings are probably the major reason why people seek second-line ways of buying medications rather than sticking to local pharmacies. The USA is notorious for its prices for vital medications, as they may not only make one poorer but not provide enough efficacy if a person manages to find the money only for 10 expensive pills when 30 are required. That’s why many patients including even the whole families are into “medication tourism” that predetermines their crossing the borders with Canada, and Mexico. Let’s understand why the latter one is so attractive for medications.

Buying Prescription Drugs in the US

The US is known to secure the population health by restricting many meds from easy access. You won’t buy one or another medication without a prescription, accordingly, this prescription will also lead to a higher cost of pills. It is not a surprise that so many online distributors are yearly appearing and selling drugs at extremely cheap prices, however, with doubtful quality. For example, a box of insulin in the US may cost even $3,700 depending on the manufacturer, while in Mexico it won’t be higher than $600. The same concerns antidepressants, multiple sclerosis and, short bowel syndrome drugs, and of course some rare hereditary disorders medications that you are most likely to find very expensive. Beyond that, let’s mention the acne treatment, which you may access only through designated risk-management programs, and wait to be approved to get one vital drug.

To make it more visible, check some prescription drugs that will shock you in their difference in prices with US-Mexico:

  • Lipitor (treatment of low cholesterol)

US price — $452

Mexico price — $15

  • Glucophage (treatment of high blood pressure)

US price — $40

Mexico price — $9

  • Ventolin (treatment of bronchospasm)

US price — $65

Mexico price — $20

  • Nexium (treatment of GERD)

US price — $131

Mexico price — $14

As for the pros of meds shopping in the US, many people may still find trusted local and online pharmacies that facilitate the purchase of prescription drugs although you should do your best to find them. For example, the services of online distributors may include a refill of medications and the transfer of prescriptions from one pharmacy to another one. In addition, they may offer discounts and special deals for your prescription medications, however, you should not expect a high drop in prices. Still, there are more pharmacies that get their assortment again from nearby countries. At, a cost-effective prescription service, people may access an array of vital medications at significantly cheaper prices, approximately which are cut in twice compared to the US drug retailers’ pricing policy. From health supplements to diabetic supplies, ED drugs, and pain killers, and they all are accompanied by professional consultation from the pharmacists.

In addition to pros, some people have very “strong” insurance plans that are most likely to reimburse much money but other people without such insurance support struggle to amass money. So, Mexico is at their command.

Why Buying Drugs in Mexico?

Mexico attracts Americans because it sells prescription medications with no prescription needed, of course, when talking about the illegal pharmacies, especially across the border of two countries. Secondly, their prices are twice or third less compared to the US ones. Finally, the FDA has favorable terms of delivery of the medications from the border. Or better to say, not favorable but there are many loopholes people use to take Mexican meds with them to their motherland with fewer troubles. For example:

  • You are most likely to be welcomed to bring medications from Mexico to the US for your personal use. Still, it has exceptions, and it concerns up to 50 units without any prescription which are eligible for import.
  • You may bring many medications without restrictions (except for narcotics, and controlled-substances), if they are vital for your treatment protocol, and they are not available domestically. Of course, you should have a supporting doctor’s referral or document proving it.

All the violations are unfortunately hard to persecute, that’s why people benefit from buying meds in Mexico. Beyond that, Mexico may offer somehow alternative treatment for disorders, as they have many herbal shops that sell tinctures even for cancer treatment which are unfortunately believed to be effective. So, desperate people who cannot afford appropriate medications are most likely to try these holistic treatments as well.

What can be added? Nowadays, the is not so concerned about the fact that people prefer medication tourism but the quality of medications they bring with them. US meds are not expected to be lowered in prices, as the huge pack of research and studies stays behind them. So, they try to control at least the import and introduce new changes to buying meds to make the lives of families with low paying capacities worse. In particular, the FDA is fighting the major problem of counterfeit which is regularly caught in the USA and happens to be in the hands of people who will profit with it by reselling.

All in all, people will definitely find it more affordable to buy meds in Mexico even though they may have insurance coverage that may reimburse some money. People will definitely find it more interesting to buy prescription drugs in Mexico where a prescription is unneeded even if they are exposed to risks and severe side effects. The same concerns Canadian meds that seem to be more for people’s lives and health.

Buying in both countries bears its own risks. In the US, there you are exposed to expenses, and in Mexico, you are likely to receive counterfeit if it is extremely cheap. If you seek a good place for medication shopping, try to find trusted online pharmacies that help to cut the cost at least with discounts or delivery.