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About the Coalition


From Left: Ellen Weber, Susan Wood, Leni Preston, Adrienne Ellis, Leigh Cobb, Mary Lou Fox

The Maryland Women’s Coalition for Health Care Reform was formed in 2006  as a statewide, non-partisan, grassroots alliance of individuals and organizations that seeks solutions and advances reforms that promote health equity through access to comprehensive, affordable, high quality care for all Marylanders. 

Our members include Maryland’s County Commissions for Women, major women’s organizations in the state, as well as thousands of individuals. Membership is free and open to individuals and organizations.

Why a women’s coalition? Women are the guardians of the health of their children and families. They are often the caretakers of the sick, disabled and elderly in our neighborhoods and communities. And, they are often unfairly burdened by our health care system because: (1) we hold low-paying jobs with no health benefits; (2) we hold part-time jobs with no coverage; (3) we are single mothers with dependent children who are ineligible for Medicaid; and (4) we work in small businesses that cannot afford to provide health insurance. Some 365,000 uninsured women in Maryland are affected by one or more of these problems. The Coalition believes that:

Women and men, working together,
can make Maryland a national leader
in health care reform.

The Coalition’s Strategies for Success

The Coalition has adopted four primary strategies:

  • Education – of our constituents, elected officials and the public
  • Outreach – to all potential allies of reform
  • Engagement – of our members in the policy issues of reform and its solutions
  • Advocacy and Action – on the part of our Coalition members and all those interested in being health care reformers.