Before and during each General Assembly Session, the Maryland Women’s Coalition for Health Care Reform works with the state’s elected officials and others to identify legislative proposals to advance health care reform in the state based upon our Principles

As bills are introduced, the Coalition analyzes and prioritizes these into three categories.  This ensures that the Coalition appropriately leverages its own resources and those of its members and partners to effectively pursue its mission.  The list of bills is evaluated updated during the course of the General Assembly as bills are introduced and move through the legislative process. 

Priority #1 Bills are ones that address major reforms in the health care system.  The Coalition actively advocates for these in ways that may include: (1) testifying before Senate and House Committees, (2) recruiting appropriate members to do the same, and (3) meeting with, or contacting legislators to urge their support.

Priority #2 Bills are related to the health care, but they are generally incremental rather than comprehensive advancements to our present system.  The Coalition, as appropriate, may provide written testimony, or offer support through the Coalition’s member and partner organizations.

Priority #3 Bills may be of interest to Coalition members.