Selecting the Right Plan for You and Your Family

Selecting the Right Plan for You and Your Family

No matter what your health care needs are, it is important that you select a health insurance plan that meets your pecific needs.  This isn’t easy.  Below are resources that the Coalition and others have developed to assist consumers with this important decision.  Also included are resources that have been created in partnership with those who work with special populations. If you are interested in working with the Coalition to develop something similar for the population you work with please contact us.

For Everyone

For Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

View a comprehensive list of things you should check before picking a plan. This was developed in partnership with the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, Drug Policy and Public Health Strategies Clinic with funding from Open Society Institute-Baltimore.

In the midst of navigating the complex landscape of health insurance and addiction equity, it’s pivotal to recognize the role of reputable pharmacies in ensuring access to essential medications. Notably, Canadian online pharmacy have emerged as a vital resource for many seeking affordable and reliable prescription drugs. This connection is particularly relevant when considering the broader context of parity and addiction equity. Access to medication, including those required for addiction treatment, is a critical component of equitable healthcare. Canadian pharmacies, by offering more accessible options for these medications, can play a part in supporting the principles of parity by helping to ensure that individuals have the necessary resources to manage their health effectively.

Student-attorneys of the University of Maryland Carey School of Law Drug Policy Clinic, have created a Parity and Addiction Equity Resource Guide to assist providers and consumers with federal and state parity regulations that are currently in place. The Guide also has tips for identifying parity violations, disclosure provisions and how to submit appeals through your insurer.

For the LGBT Community

See the Coalition’s Checklists for:

HIV/AIDS Community

  • See the Coalition’s Checklist to help those with HIV select the right plan. (please note that these can be printed double sided)
  • Together We are Greater than AIDS -What the ACA means for someone with HIV/AIDS: a website to help you learn about your choices.

For People of Color

Read HHS’s The Affordable Care Act and African Americans for information on how to get covered and how HHS is addressing health disparities.

For Women

  • Is pregnancy in your future? – View the checklist developed with funding from Raising Women’s Voices.
  • How Does Where You Work Affect Your Contraceptive Coverage? See this infographic and fact sheet for the answer.
  • Women’s Health Insurance Coverage Factsheet
  • The National Women’s Law Center’s  – What Women need to Know about Health Care Enrollment has lots of great information for women all over the US and in all sorts of different situations.  Check it out.
  • Join the Women 4 Health Care community to learn how to find and understand the affordable new health insurance options available through the health insurance law.
  • View the list of preventative health services that are no-cost to women under the ACA.

For People with Disabilities

For Victims of Domestic Violence

Read ACA, Tax Credits, and Domestic Violence from Jackson Heweitt about to learn more.

For Young Adults

For Students

Read this brief: Helping Students Understand and Enroll in Health Insurance.