Tips for Talking to Talk Radio About Health Care

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Tips for Talking to Talk Radio About Health Care

Calling into a radio program is a great way to let others know about health care reform.  Talk radio has become one of the most influential and effective forms of communication.  More than a million Americans call into radio stations in America every year. 

Here are some tips on how to get on a program:

  • Watch for programming on health care reform by checking the websites of your local stations, particularly public radio. 
  • Place your call near the beginning or end of the program – it is easier to get on then. 
  • Be prepared to get a busy signal and keep hitting the redial button.
  • You will first speak to a screener or producer who will ask for your name, where you live and what topic you want to discuss.

Here are some tips once you are on:

  • When you get on the air, don’t pause – you may only have 20 to 60 seconds to make your point.
  • Be brief – get your points in quickly and with punch. Don’t ramble.
  • Don’t sound rehearsed even if you have prepared a written statement.   
  • Speak clearly and firmly, but be natural.   Your opinions matter and you want to be taken seriously.

Here are some local radio stations (List of all Maryland stations):