Tips for Meeting with Legislators

  • Be on time and be prepared. Know what you want to say in advance and, if part of a group, decide who will say what.
  • Introduce yourself and your group. Stress your connection to the legislator, especially if you are from their district.
  • State why you are here (your position) clearly and succinctly.  If the legislator asks for information you don’t have, be honest and say that you will get it to staff after today’s meeting.
  • If the legislator agrees with your position, thank them and ask what you can do together to help advance it.
  • If the legislator disagrees, try to learn what their objections are. Always be polite even if you don’t see eye to eye. 
  • Thank the legislator for their time. Leave them with some information, and follow up with staff as appropriate to cultivate the relationship. Be sure to get their cards with contact information.