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First Lady Michelle Obama on Why the Affordable Care Act is a Good Thing

In a special Op-Ed on, the First Lady talks about why Affordable Health Care is so important.

Consumers trading up for better, cheaper health insurance

An article in the Baltimore Sun details accounts of Marylanders who have enrolled in health insurance through Maryland Health Connection thus far.

It’s The Prices, Stupid

Why The United States Is So Different From Other Countries.  An arcicle from Health Affairs that uses the latest data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to compare the health systems of the thirty member countries in 2000. Total health spending—the distribution of public and private health spending in the OECD countries—is presented and discussed.

Washington Area Counties Reflect Health Disparities 
News article based on the 2011 County Health Rankings report, about the Washington area having some of the region’s healthiest counties, such as Fairfax and Montgomery, but also pockets of poor health in the District and Prince George’s County. See the 2011 Health Outcomes Map for Maryland here.

Md. Officials: Hundreds Bought Fake Insurance. Some Stuck Owing Tens Of Thousands In Bills
News article of a scam that has impacted thousands of Americans including over 700 Marylanders.  A company called ATA sells phony health insurance policies which might pay small claims but fails to pay larger claims.

Insurance Industry Faces Tough Scrutiny From Federal Watchdogs
A Kaiser Health News article reports that four longtime industry watchdogs are helping steer the federal government’s effort to overhaul the private insurance market.

The Status Quo Is Unsustainable
commentary in the Gazette newspapers by Anne Kasper, Coalition Chair, and Leni Preston, Coalition Vice Chair, highlighting the problems that will remain if health care reform does not pass.

Health Insurers Break Profit Records as 2.7 Million Americans Lose Coverage
Health Care for America Now report health insurers have record profits in 2009… at our expense!  Despite a severe economic recession the 5 largest US health insurers posted a 56% increase in profits this past year. They earned more for their stockholders, charged higher premiums, and paid their executives more while insuring 2.7 million fewer Americans who needed health insurance.