Coalition Resource Materials

Coalition Resource Materials

Below is a comprehensive list of all Coalition-created resource materials.

The Coalition’s Glossary of ACA Terms. – The coalition referred to many other glossaries on the subject before compiling our own, ensuring that it is comprehensive.

For those who just purchased insurance – congratulations! Now some may be asking – what’s next? The new Take Care. Getting the most out of your health insurance provides consumers with answers to this question.

Protect Women’s & Children’s Health: Preserve Pre-Natal and Family Planning Coverage in Medicaid – a fact sheet prepared by the Coalition and Planned Parenthood of Maryland about the proposed Medicaid budget cuts.

See the Coalition’s Checklists for Selecting a Plan for:


Gay, Same-Gender-Loving, and Bisexual Men

Lesbian, Same-Gender-Loving, and Bisexual Women

Transgender People

People with HIV

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Women with pregnancy in thier future