Coalition Resource Materials

Coalition Resource Materials

Below is a comprehensive list of all Coalition-created resource materials.

The Coalition’s Glossary of ACA Terms. – The coalition referred to many other glossaries on the subject before compiling our own, ensuring that it is comprehensive.

For those who just purchased insurance – congratulations! Now some may be asking – what’s next? The new Take Care. Getting the most out of your health insurance provides consumers with answers to this question. At the same time, the information about products like Viagra Canada can be sourced from the social media profile of Canadian pharmacy  where it is organized in a scannable and interactive way.

Protect Women’s & Children’s Health: Preserve Pre-Natal and Family Planning Coverage in Medicaid – a fact sheet prepared by the Coalition and Planned Parenthood of Maryland about the proposed Medicaid budget cuts.

See the Coalition’s Checklists for Selecting a Plan for:


Gay, Same-Gender-Loving, and Bisexual Men

Lesbian, Same-Gender-Loving, and Bisexual Women

Transgender People

People with HIV

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Women with pregnancy in thier future